My path brought me to Maurice and Nancy at a very difficult time of my life.  I started ridingat the age of ten, slowly progressingto show jumping, hunter, schooling and teachingentry level pony club. I was a fearless rider, even reckless.  I was not afraid to take risks and I enjoyed the fight and winning it every time.  I was a fool and I perhaps was cruel as well, I know this now.  And then I found Maurice and my life changed.  I found a purpose and I saw a glimspe of a better way - better way of building relationships with horses, better way of riding and better way of communicating.  I set out on a journey of learning that will perhaps take me the rest of my life to complete.  The concept of free will that I practiced in my teaching and work all of a sudden was applied to horses.  I met a real horse whisperer who talks to the mind of the horse and the horse talks back. Maurice talks about connecting and this is somethingI would have never believed before.  Maurice says "put people into horses and horses into people - I have never heard that one before, but I am happy to know someone who is doing it.  I have see communication between a man and a horse that I have never thought was possible.  I am still amazed at what I see every time I look
Olga L
It would be nice to say, "Everything I learned about horses, I learned from Maurice B."  I would really like to say that, however, due to my own personal unpredictable lifestyle, I am sad to say that I missed out on many a wonderful opportunity spent in the company of this man and his insight.  I am free though to write about this very special person.  Maurice is one of the most knowledgeable people that I know.  His understanding is rooted from the basics: living it, loving it and open to share it with those who CARE...not afraid to pass on his wisdom.  When I stand back under any situation presented to Maurice and first go through the observational part of his training, I stand in awe at how this man is gifted with communication with these magnificent creatures.  The benefit to this interactionis that Maurice can pick up on information about your animal's personality and overall health that will allow you to work towards a better partnership.  It's not a matter of the years a man has been around, or the trail in life he chose to take...but it's the things he does for everyone that makes a man so great
Jackie K
I have been working with Maurice now for the past couple of months and the knowledge he has passedon jup to this point can only be described as invaluable.  I had no idea how little I really knew about horses until I started listening to Maurice srpead.  He has a way of interacting with horses through feel, through touch, throug connecting with their hearts and minds.  What Maurice teaches can not be found in a book, website or article.  His lessons come from the heart.  Lessons on untiy and partnership between two beings, that can be only expressed by watching, listening and feel. I feel privileged that I was given this opportunity to learn from the best and will continue to soak up every bit of knowledge passed my way.
Jamie B
I first met Maurice as the clinician at a Natural Horsemanship meeting for my daughters Pony Clue.  We brought our 11 year old paint gelding to the clinic to see if he could help us solve some of the problems that the horse seemed to have developed - namely bucking and spooking.  The clinic Maurice put on was excellent, he spoke of respect for your horse and working with your horses mind.  He helped us appreciate what an incredible working relationship you can have by corrrecting behaviour problems with your horse without force, keeping both the dignity of the rider and horse intact.  That evening, Maurice give us some suggestions for our horse.  My daughter is only 14 & the horses behaviour had progressed to the point where we felt it was dangerous for her to try to deal with these issued on her own.  My husband and I called Maurice and he agreed to take the horse on and over the course of 6 weeks, manage without force to bring the horse around to well mannered, willing animan that we had purchased.  But equally important was the time he spent with our daughter each time we visited.  He had her ride each time, slowly building her confidence by showing her that a well tempered horse was still in there and that she owned a horse that could be ridden. In the end we brought home a horse that my daughter is safe with, confident on and most importantly a true companion that she is thoroughly enjoying and planning to show next season.  This was a horse seh was willing to sell and now would never part with him.
Annette & Pete V
When I first met Maurice, I rode a horse named "Magic".  Being a young and new person in the horse world I thought I was a great rider, I'd saddle up my horse, put a "gag" bit in his mouth and off we would go.  Sounds great, like a real "cowboy" I thought, but every time I sat down in the saddle, I was reminded on the bouncing that went on between me and my saddle.  I took riding lessons, which did the job of building my confidence as an accident waiting to happen, but taught me nothing about the theory of riding or better yet, how to communicate with my horse, my friend and my partner. At team penning Maurice would teach us how to pen, rope and even a bit of bull dogging.  The cowboy hat was a dead giveaway about who he was, but he never enlightened me about who his true inner person was, the horseman.  It took a weekend with Maruice before I finally began to understand Magic.  It started with the bit, we switched from a sever "punisher" to a rubber coated snaffle. And we (Magic & I) learned howto relax, have some fun and trust each other.  By the time I finished the weekend, I had a new understanding of horses, mainly that I didn't know anything about them and that it was time that I learned.  Magic, had to led into the show ring for a barrel race by someone else and he fought everytime he was asked to load the trailer.  In a weekends time, Mauirce was able to guide me to be able to lead the horse into the show ring myself,mount him while he stood still, have some fun around the barrels and dismount.  And after the race, throw the lead over his neck and watch as he walked into the trailer on his own.  I rode Magic for almost 2 years and it took just one weekend to accomplish what some may never expierence, true unity. I have been working with Maurice for over 3 years now, I guess you could say horsemanship has become my lie.  Through learning about knowledge, reading body language, learning about safety and some good ol' common sense , I have gone to a level of horsemanship that I never dreamed of and I an no where being close to finished.  If you were to ask Maurice why he wears a cowboy hat, he would say "because it fts". It couldn't be a more true statement, if you were to look beyond the words.  Bdeing able to comminicate with a horse is one of the most rewarding accomplishments that i think a person can achieve.
Kurt V

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